Life gets boring when you still do the same thing over and over again. I therefore thought of something extra-ordinary yet a little bit ordinary. Why not change myself?

Well, I mean, it’s not a big deal for me since myself is mine. But …

It’s the people around me who will be affected if I change. For doing so, I might disappoint someone or frustrate him/her as I entwined with being what you call “Awkwardness” or so.

I thought of something new again.. Why change for the better? To improve myself? to groom sometimes? To go to salon ? or have Pedicure, ?Manicure? Cut my hair? Have a body scrub? or spa? or hair color ,I guess? Yet, I still don’t know if I ever satisfy myself with these.

What I thought for a second is that, why would I change to impress someone? Why would I change to prove my mere existence in this world? Does anyone know how to be me,? It’s so hard to keep on the pace of my own life since all of us are against the time. Since, change is the only thing constant in this world, I tried to first change my aura.

Last time, in a matter of 1 day,  4 of my friends, broke out their silence and frankly told me that I’ve changed. Well, I suppose, it was effective. I suddenly felt something new within myself too. I literally put it into motion: “CHANGE”.

As I walk and place myself in that corner of consistency to change, I heard a whisper… A whisper whose voice burst throughout my whole systema. Rolled through my senses and rushing in every part of me.






“Stay The Same….”

In 1 moment,

heard by 2 ears,

this 3 words,

comes 4 a reason.

I prayed and consulted God before anything else collide at it’s place.Looking by the window pane, I took a deep breath with a silent prayer. Such confusion and ideal crisis came into hand.

“Help me Oh God”

I was on the verge of letting myself swallowed by the dark aura equipped with negative thoughts. Well, then miracle came as I entered the room.

“Almie, Stay the same.”

Wow! All the constructed building of change collapsed by this 3 thunderwords of lightning. I am stuck at the moment as I try to visualize it at all cost.

“Ngaman mag-change pa man, na okay man ‘to before? :))”- Bliss Capidos (during labreport making)

Somehow, I feel loved and valued by these people 🙂 It so warm.. So delicate and pure and so new. I am greatly touched by that essence of acceptance as an individual. No need to change. No need to make a room for something new. What I have to seek is to let myself out like no one to please but God. I thank God for giving me the heart to see Jesus Christ in every person. Life is such a wonderful journey indeed.

To: Fredeve John Pacatang, Salamat Besh!