Come what may

I looked at the stars yet I saw darkness. I was thinking that whichever corner my eyes drew into, there will always be that longing for sparks. Just a little forward? backward? side ward? How much farther can I go for distant lights? How many years does it take to say that “life has finally happened to me!”


Wishing for the right time, patience has its way to offer for the best. In midst of difficulties, one must soar high to collect stars, not by gazing but to reach for them. To jump high, no, but to jump higher and believe that we are the stars of our own selves.


Failures make us stronger and independent. I am one of the billion people in the world who has gone countless depression and frustrations in life. And I say sorry for myself, for the things I have done and for the things I have failed to accomplish. I don’t want to rant each part of it but in general, to aim for the best shot is not that easy. Bumpy roads and a never ending ups and downs do come in my way but I know God has come to save the day. I admit, I once told myself to just give up because it is the easier than to keep up the struggles going. But the Lord is keeping on pursuing me to stay still and focus on forward. I have tried to step down that road of sorrows just to consider my tiredness. But, soon I realized, I can never escape that road. The longer I remain sitting down on that corner, is the longer it would make me to see the best days of my life. I know right now, it may seem like I have not yet done my best-est yet, but I also know for sure that every single day is closer to improvement as long as I keep going and go for the extra mile. My dreams are still inside of me. Keeping the fire burning and a never ending adventure awaits. Come what may.


I wonder

​Because sometimes, I wonder…

 if the stars are also trying to reach us too.

 if the moon can still shine without lovers.

 if the sun is not yet tired of brightening up our day.

 if the clouds are as sweet as candies when eaten.

 if the sky could finally meet the sea.

 if the rain ever jealous of the rainbow.

 if the birds wish to sing a lyric.

 if the butterflies ever picked a flower.

 if the fishes ever wondered why they swim all day and night

if the bears ever wanted to get a hug too

 if somewhere in the universe wonders about us as aliens,

 if the owl ever watches over her hatchlings on morning

if the doors ever wished to knock on a person

 if the light ever mourns for the absence of the dark

 if the sea ever thought about of reaching the sky

if the rainbow ever enjoyed to be seen

  if I ever come to realize that it’s best to not realize.

 if I ever choose not to find reasons to reasons,

would that be enough to start something much better?

36 G.Low.Seas

I’ve sailed day and night,

A never ending plight.

At the shore, in a fierce night,

Seen a dove, have I gotten it right?

By the bay, the shallow waters creep,

With mild symphony and the song I keep.

Rolling in the deep

Watching your shadows sleep.

The dark blue sky blankets thy stars,

Glowing much from a far.

Sincerity in every scar,

My soul explodes ’tis not par.

Drowing out of thy window,

Never knowing the rainbow,

It’s only white and a shadow.

36 bricks made of jealou.

the missing sword

I used to write a lot. “A lot”. when I say “a lot”, it means I am connecting some words inside my head trying to give out my extrapolation for any matter that I got every single minute. I have equipped my mind with countless thoughts- making sense or not. Words that seem to turn out to be just a mere piece of trash or what else? a necessity perhaps? I can identify which is which and which is not. That seems to be a problem here. It is hard to choose between words that you want and what you need. So I tend to never notice time or the sunset, neither the weather nor the fiests. I have never watched the clouds for a long time or throw a peeble in a beach. Needless to say but I was out of words , or maybe, just maybe, I refused to bleed. 

Words were my arrows but I have ditched my bow. Words were the bloody red thirst of my sword but I surrenderred my plight.And my life is at its brink of death without my virtue, my weapon… my pen. 

  • Would you mind if I ask you to find my missing sword?


Isang Open Letter para kay Tadhana

Makikisulat Lang Po.

Tadhana, kumusta? Isa akong masugid mong tagahanga. As in sobrang fan mo ako. Lagi kong sinusubaybayan ang mga istorya tungkol sa’yo. Lalo na kapag kinukwento ka na ng ibang tao. Sobrang saya nila pakinggan. Gustung-gusto ko rin yung mga pelikulang ikaw ang bida. Yung mga tipong Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity, You’ve Got Mail, mga ganun. Ang galing mo dun. Sobrang galing mo dun.

Hindi ko alam kung kilala mo ako. Pero para lang matandaan mo, ako yung ilang ulit mo nang pinaglaruan. Oo, “pinaglaruan“ ang gagamitin kong termino at hindi “napaglaruan” kasi feeling ko sinasadya mo na. Kasi nung natuto akong umibig dun na din ako natutong magmura. Kasi sa tuwing ibubuhos ko ang puso ko sa isang tao, bigla-bigla na lang palilikuin mo siya. Palilikuin mo sa daang hindi patungo sakin. Doon sa halik at yakap ng iba.

Pero hindi ako sumuko. Patuloy pa rin akong nagmahal. Yung iba…

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