Shooting Goals

Do you believe in shooting stars?

I believe so. I believe that stars are like our goals in life.

I have to keep on dreaming. To make something happen.

I have to keep running. To keep on the faith I have in myself within. There are times when we set foot to the downhill side of the mountain and afraid to step forward.

Oh well, Climb! Go to the extra mile. 🙂 I always tell myself to never give up. As I do my best today, I’ll get the best rest not too soon. That’s how I want to reward myself.

🙂 Shooting goals are my shooting stars. But the only difference is that, I don’t wish upon a star but I make a move to make it happen.

And that dream, I’ll start working it on, TODAY.

I’ll do better tomorrow. But Today, I’ll do my best. 🙂