I may always lose the battles, but I intend on winning the war.

A Sober Head Full Of Confusion

I put a picture of Jesus under my bed.
It says, “Jesus, I trust in You.”
I thought it would help the nightmares go away,
but they still linger.

Five years ago, I woke up from a dream.
My entire world was changed and He asked me to walk with Him.
He’s shown me the colors of His world; what glory feels like.
He told me to trust Him; to keep holding on, even as the rope thins.

Five years later, here I kneel; standing makes me feel weak.
I feel as if I spend the majority of my life on my knees; bruised and callous, they remind me of the new battles I face.
One after the other; the other worse than before.
It almost makes me wonder, “What am I trusting You for?”

I put a dream-catcher near my bed.
I have this theory that it keeps throwing…

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