Wednesday Poetry. 8th

This is how I say “I love you”

Infinitely Nicola An


I sing along with every poetry

written by the humble beauty

of the lands and seas,

and of nature’s sweetest breeze

I speak of my heart like the choir

of birds on the treetop,

wordless but passion wills not

to stop

I give it all to the quiet room

of the universe

With phantom voice I ceaselessly


This is where I can’t be far from

what is true

This is how I say “I love you”

-Yours truly

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Night Hours

Maybe the night isn’t for me, or was it made for people like me, who can’t figure out anything about this world.
And this all is coupled by silence and in that silence lays the screams.
When the moon hits high on skies, I escape in my silence.

The Deviated Mind

When the moon hits high on skies, and in those times when I can’t bring my senses in my control. I feel lost. Maybe the night isn’t for me, or was it made for people like me, who can’t figure out anything about this world. Staring walls blankly when the hour clock runs fast in night, and feeling an irresistible urge to run away from everything.

I can’t seem to recall what kinds of sins I have committed, that I am given the sentence of this incomplete existence to be felt every night.
Do I hate nights? No, but I have all the reasons to escape it. Maybe I am afraid of nights, cause night was created for confrontation. The ugly kind of confrontation, the kind where you have to answer to yourself, you have to face the greatest demon. The demon living within you, to know the real you…

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I Dance Emotions

I breathe feelings

I dance emotions

and coddle dreams

The writer's blogk

I breathe feelings

I dance emotions

and coddle dreams

I rap time

if its mine

and wander the roads

of forever

I trickle into hearts

sometimes I’m poured

sometimes it’s voracious



The mystical flow

of the words that glow

in the firelight

faces wait

breath held in


waiting on

the words of love

so soft

so real

so true

I feel them

© Kait King, 2015

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When I write

When I write every word is like a finely crafted feather particles of a winged voice.

The writer's blogk

when i writeWhen I write

every word is like

a finely crafted feather

particles of a winged voice

To uplift imagination

poor soothe upon torment

A flight path

mind’s destination to dream

picture perfect characters

who they are

where they belong

where you fit in

Nestled tight

keep out cold

turn against the winds of ice

water falling crashing calling

the feather nestled tight

let your imagination take flight

with these words I write

 © Kait King, 2015

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Are all of these things make sense?

We are living on a planet called earth. Each of us has their own stories to tell. My story is about my plans for life. Digging up from its most inner core, I admit that I’ve been so persistent to be the best version I can become. The way I see things, I want to do it in a way that I could attain the dream achievement of my life.

So I asked myself, “Are all of these things make sense?” At first, I doubted myself if I can really pursue what I wanted in life. I was trying to create different conclusions asking myself about my future plans. At the end of the day, we all lay down in bed  and say ” Life ” is what we make it.

I did face dramas, all the craps, failures , frustrations, criticisms, and other bullshits in life that made me realize that “SHIT HAPPENS” indeed. In fact, I am used to it by now. In my almost 19 years of existence, I realized that life is on how we really deal with it.

I keep on reminding myself that everything is according to God’s perfect plan for my life. Even though problems come along and obstacles pave its way to me, I will never be afraid to conquer it all because I trust God. I have all the issues in my life that could slow down my life’s progress but, how could I deny the fact that God is with me? That I just have to trust on Him and rely to whatever circumstances I might encounter, knowing He is with me. I am thankful for this life He give to me.

Even though, it is not perfect, I still choose to follow Him. He knows the way and the truth in my life. Challenges in school makes me wanna scream and give it up. But the promise of good future of Christ motivates me a lot.

Perseverance is essential in order for us to attain good results. But before anything else, I still make it to accept the fact that life on earth is a temporary journey that will come to pass. What matters most is our relationship with the One above who made us feel the happiness, the love, and the sorrows here on earth. Living is easy. In the past, myself used to struggle on things I thought that really matters the most.

As I went along my quest, I found out that this is not my final destination yet. Towards good goals in life, determination is a must. The heart needs to be heard, and our desires in life need attention. Equipped with perseverance and hard work are just recipes to reach our dreams.

The things I’ve lost in the daily battles of my life do not matter anymore. Because, I only gain in life. According to Job 1:21, “21 He said, “I was born with nothing, and I will die with nothing. The Lord gave, and now he has taken away. May his name be praised!”. Now, I come to my senses and concluded that this is the truth. The medals, awards, money, properties, and jewelries, I cannot bring all of these when I die. That’s why, material or worldly things don’t matter. What matters most is on how we turned out to be. Being molded by God’s grace and His will for our life brings us to wherever we are today.

Every decision I make, I always make it to the point that I let God know about it. I asked God if this is the right thing to say or to do. I always wanted to make God as daily part of my life. I may not know what the future beholds, but all I ever believe are the promises of Christ. According to Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, plans not to harm you but to prosper you, to provide you a future and a hope.” I hold on to the words He left for me. I should not worry about what tomorrow comes for tomorrow will worry about itself. So let him have your worries and cares for He is always thinking about you and watching everything that concerns you.(Peter 5:7).

In everything I wanted to do, I want to be happy. But being happy for myself is not the only thing I need. My greatest achievement in life is to make my parents happy. Oh, seeing their smiles and their laughter soothes my heart. And the most important thing of all, is to please God glorifying His name in every single day of my life. I love God, and I am not ashamed to tell the world how I feel. I’m trying to live life to the fullest, enjoying every moment, giving value to every little conversations with the people I meet and of course, in top of all, to love, and to feel love. Everything else makes sense to me now. It is clear to say…LIFE IS SIMPLY AMAZING. 

Let love be love

So think of yourself as the vessel, let the reaction happen inside you but never let it to break you.

Words are not enough to define love.

Let love be love, and above anything else, love the lover more than the loving.

(c) Fredeve John Pacatang


b3 copy

Chasing somebody who don’t want to get chased is pointless. Not trying to chase somebody is also pointless. So is chasing somebody who is also chasing somebody else.

Love is a complex reaction of hormones in our body. So complex that until now, nobody understands the chain and bonds. Some detaches from the other and some shares with the other bonds. Think of yourself as a vessel for a reaction. If love is just like the redox, then all is happy in the end because no effort is wasted: what’s lost by the oxidation is gained by the reduction. If love is just like the acid-base reaction, then not all will be happy in the end because some will form water in the end: water in the form of tears. So think of yourself as the vessel, let the reaction happen inside you but never let it to break…

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Music Love

pulling strings in harmony

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music loveMusic to my ears

bouncing round my soul

shining through my eyes

making me feel full

precious stones of a polished melody

the funky bass is outta sight

pulling strings in harmony

the drums all sittin’ tight

the words are lazy, cruisey, bluesy

summer feeling

stealing through

the music drifting, holding


Music Love is true

my Music Love is true…

© Kait King, 2015

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We will char from fires of clouded judgement, and drown by tides of consequence.


I’ve noticed that people confuse certain right with factual wrong,
They justify murder by stating it was in  protection of principles,
Ideals as pinnacles-
Atop congregations of distorted ethics far from seminal,
And what lies underneath becomes our compulsion,
Our propulsion deep into the ways of the black-hearted.

The chilling truth that mankind’s biggest danger…is mankind,
We will char from fires of clouded judgement, and drown by tides of consequence.

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