“Moving On”, better say Moving Forward

Let me begin with this quote from a friend: “For one to grow, you must learn or master the art of letting go…”

Simply saying that, (*sigh) : Letting go is part of loving.

Almost, or did we just come to realize when it’s finally over? Right…? Thinking that it would ease the pain if you could just forget everything in one second, it’s a BIG NO. It hurts for awhile, then relaxes you when you forget it for the meantime but when memories will struck you, there you go again, feeling broken deep inside.

It’s hard. 

We tend to deviate the spot light of our life to set that as “letting go” just as that easy. Moreover, we ask for pieces of advice from people whom we trust- friends, family and even neighbors or ex- lovers. The bottom line is, “How to move on ?”

The real question should be, “Why move on?”. It is such a broad way to discuss anymore if one would ask the steps to move on. But in order to not complicate things, let us just give concrete reasons for that matter.

Well, first, it is better to say “Moving Forward” than to “Move on”. Because when we say moving on, it’s like you’re just staying still without any desires for that state of motion to direct you to a path of happiness and acceptance. “Moving Forward”– it means, one learns to walk it through life, becoming wiser and knows what to do next.

It doesn’t matter how long, but one thing must be clear,- Change is constant. Worldly love could change. But God’s love is eternity.

Through Him and with Him, Moving Forward would not just keeping you on track but also, making you a better version of yourself than before. That’s a good example of change at all.

Letting go, is part of life.

Suffering, is part of life.

Being lost for awhile, is part of life.

So therefore, one must find the light to move forward.

God’s love is the light. Have faith on Him. And most importantly, lay all your sorrows to Him. He has the perfect plan and will never go wrong. 🙂

Better to start thinking about it. Maybe it’s hard to accept that the person who used to love us couldn’t love us back anymore. But never ever doubt God’s love. 🙂

“Let it go”– it’s a part of life. But “Why?”

Not because, you stop loving someone. But it’s about you, yourself that you should think of first. Take the opportunity to love yourself, to love God, to love the ones you called “Family and Friends.”

Because life is short. Cherish time. Never lose hope on the magic of love.

A self-reminder, “Never give up on love. Someone is kneeling before God and praying for you. Keep believing in it. Never distance yourself from its magic. Allow your heart to feel it again; to celebrate again. You are looking at the same sky and like you, God is preparing him for your meeting. The dreams you once dreamed will all come to pass, probably not with the person you dreamed it with, but it’s definitely the man that God created exclusively for you. And trust me, he, himself, will be the definition of love to you. ”

Thanks to my old friend who inspired me this night to work on this blog. You know who you are. 🙂


These days…


Well, there is so much to say yet so little time to make it.

I can hardly breath as I write this down-my bottled feelings, my hidden desires, my deepest fears and all my weakness I left behind me.

All of it… Just all of it. I might just sat down and weep. But Oh Please…? I don’t have to waste much more time getting the punch through it.

Yes, I admit it, I held grief for someone. I can’t deny the fact that I’m one of the pretty martyr ladies that have been betrayed by someone they trusted. It’s an unfortunate event for me. I never imagined something like this before. I guess I have to carry the load on my heart for a longer time since when that punk slapped me the truth.

How I wish, I never got into serious relationship that easy. But it happened. I pity my old self. That’s why these days seems to achieve medication, through meditation. After I finally realized that its not worth it anymore, I’ve accepted that fact that its over. Once its over, Its Totally Over.

There is much more waiting for me at the end of the road. Something much bigger, much greater. I seemed to have doubts at first, but I know what I’m doing since I do know where I’m going to.

I’m trying to live it up by myself with the guidance of above. It is working out in some ways, my team partner Jesus I trust, I thank Him so much.

These days, I feel neutral- and I’d rather be called a school girl rather than a bourgeois.*sigh

I have so many things to do. So many things for me to keep busy and trying to realize my existence here on this planet. I have a goal. I have a dream. I must keep it up. The fire burning inside of me would like to walk this journey with curiosity, and hunger for knowledge and end up being satisfied in life with the most important people in my life- My Mama, Papa, Sis 🙂 This is all for you.Photo0833

I sat

Father-Daughter Sexual-Assault: “Tay, ‘wag po!”

“Violated all limits of humanity and showed no repentance over his offence, this is a TOAST.”

A teenage girl thought that she and her family were living a normal life. But then she discovered that she had been sexually abused ever since the age of 10. Twelve years on, she recalls that devastating day and the traumatic events that followed.

Family is the basic unit of the society. As a group of related people, it mainly works for the development of its children to let them grow as good citizens. Teaching them in life and how to cope up from mistakes is part of growing up within their progress.

As children went on to teenage life, parental guidance and a solid control over their teens is done which is to say that the father as the head of the family would govern the life of his 12-year old daughter in particular. Through their years inside their house, teaching them the essence of discipline and moral conduct is number 1 in the checklist of a Father.

However, child neglect or abuse on the part of individual parents occurs continually and regularly, leading other members to accommodate such actions. Children sometimes grow up in such families with the understanding that such an arrangement is normal.

Here enters what we call, dysfunctional families that are primarily a result of co-dependent adults, and may also be affected by addictions, such as substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, etc.), or sometimes an untreated mental illness. Rape cases such as father – daughter sexual assault is an example. He is forcing his daughter to do unnatural sex, by slapping, and other kinds of cruelty. Sexual assault includes coercion, physical threats, abuse of power/ authority or incapability of the person to give consent for instance he has mental disability, underage or unconscious.

A teen-sex-abuser father do not believe that what they do is wrong. They convince themselves that his daughter wants it to happen as much as they do; indeed, it is not uncommon for them to blame his daughter for leading them on. It is in this denial that the danger to other teens lies. If an abuser does not believe that what he does is harmful, he has no reason not to do it again.

Rape is not a new case to the Philippines. Ever since, there are a number of rape incidences happening over the country. One of these cases is the “father-daughter rape case” wherein the father forces his daughter to have sex with him through intimidation, authority or physical threat. Most of these victims are under the legal age. According to PNP Women and Children Protection Center, 75.5 % are child victims of rape from 1999 to present. The department of social welfare and development conducted a report on the prevalence of rape cases by age group. The report shows that ages 14-18 are the ones who are involved in this incident.

          Being the father of victim, it was his duty to protect her from any such assault but he himself violated all limits of humanity and committed rape upon her.

I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

Are you really in harmonic relationship with what so called freedom? If yes, so you’re saying you deliberately command your own self in liberal ways. But are you sure?

The nature of a man comes fourth with an idealistic meaning of his own views in terms of his capability in sufficing his needs. What the mind thinks, so does the act of it goes after. Basically, there are two major voices that we could hear when we are having troubles simply because, our pleasure mind vs. consciences are on a fight with each other. So much for that, you can’t really say that you are a free individual when you can’t reach the point where you have driven all your wants into needs or all your temptations into preservation of yourself. the point is that, WE, ARE SLAVES OF OUR OWN APPETITE. That is to say that we are in fight with our appetitive part of our souls. 


According to Plato’s Republic, there are three composition of the soul. First is the Reason, who rules with wisdom and forethought on behalf of the entire soul. Second is the Spirit, who acts as the subordinate and at the same time an ally of reason. It is in command of the third composition of the soul which is the Appetite. The Appetite is by nature covetous and wicked. With all these knowledge on Plato’s ideal state of individual justice, we can now have the idea on which ourselves have our own appetitive side that is to say that our spirit is weak and our reason is betrayed by our own selves.

However, to say that “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul,” simply states that “Be a master of your self.” Its significant goal is to be not a slave upon the appetitive part of our own human soul. In order to have the best of what we could become, be the master of our own lives-simply because we have a goal to achieve, we have the power to achieve our goals, we have the decision to overcome our weaknesses and thus these can be the source of our strengths to reach the destination of our dreams. Because no one can ever set you free, only you, yourself can do that for yourself. Be a master, not a slave.

I Am Alive

All my life I’ve been so strong

I’ve been afraid to go wrong

In every life’s situation,

I find a way for solution


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been weak,

Realizing I was a freak.

In times of problems

I started to be solemn,


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been proud,

Shouting it so loud,

Never noticed how I boast,

I felt nothing but deep toast.


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been inlove,

To a girl and to the one Above,

It feels like forever

And endless together


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been walking,

But in spite of having nothing

I’ve strived to live life to the fullest,

My journey I believed is the best,


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been sorry,

I admit, my visions were blurry

I am not a perfect man as told

I commit mistakes so bold.


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been thankful,

For the blessings so wonderful..

To everyone who was there for me..

Who made me happy as can be,


To feel that I am alive!

Droplets of Rain

August 15, 2014

High above from its deepest shines the warming glow of sun. Spinning through the wind, catching the sun’s little particles and chasing the clouds. Frozen valleys cloaked within the vast tip toe, stories behold in sights of an eye.Colorful bliss ran down my veins, seeing the oceans crawlin’ under my feet. Carved in my heart is swollen grace and joy. Wonders of life, golden tree fruitful blessings abided the light tempting shadows. As droplets flow thru the meddow, crunches of growls despite the oddness it brings. Grudges fades, collided with freedom as it flees flawlessly. Rain, Rain, Rain, ain’t you got nothing to say, express your love in a warm way. Stop the cryin’ showers, broken sunshine blossoms at dawn. New beginnings, new love, new life.. Rainbow smiles after the rain. Lil droplets, oh little bitty ones, your beauty is beyond compare, I’ll never see what a man can foresee, this feelin’ can’t go wrong , this feeling is in fire, I come to close my eyes, and feel the breath of life.


❤ ❤ ❤

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Your smile that shines in my eyes,

Like the blooming sun that rise.

You’re glow that makes me happy,

Makes me giggle and snappy.


Are you getting tired my dear?

You’ve been running through my mind the whole year,

You make my life so exciting,

Tense feeling I’ve been experiencing.


I can’t get my eyes off you,

Following you to and fro.

I can’t resist from falling in love,

Are you an angel sent from above?


Do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes.

I’ve found a diamond in skies,

So bright and precious you,

Who brings so much hue.


Everytime I see you, you turn me on.

Oh no, do you have a clone?

Everywhere I look, all I see is you.

I’m not drunk; I’m just intoxicated by you.


Meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime.

All I want is just to see you from time to time.

You look beautiful today,

Just like every other day.


Parang Kailan lang?

Sobrang tatag ng aking isipan ngayon sa mga maraming kapana-panabik na mga mangyayari sa taong ito. Noon, pawang isipan ko ay gulong-gulo sa mga eksenang masyadong madrama. Ngayon, mas pinapatatag ko ang anking kaloobang mag-sumikap nang makatapos sa pag-aaral. 

Hindi ko mawari kung anong kahihinatnan ng desisyon kong ito, basta’t ang alam ko lang ay ang aking pagtatagumpay ay magbubunga ng kasiyahan sa ‘king mga magulang na syang umagapay sa ‘kin para mag sumikap na igapang ako sa pag-aaral. Masasabi kong, malayo man ang aking pinagmulan, hindi rito nasusukat ang pag-asa sa’king puso na makapagtapos ng kolehiyo alang-alang sa mga taong naniniwala sa’king kakayahan. Higit kong inaalay ito sa Panginoong Diyos na syang nag bigay ng lakas sa’ken.

Hayyy. Next week na ang pasukan. Ewan ko lang kung ano ‘yung sasalubong sa kin, basta’t sa sarili ko, alam ko ang gusto ko. Papanindigan ko ‘to. Tatapusin ko ‘to. Kahit anong mangyari.

Marami narin akong narinig mula sa ibang estudyante na “UNDANG NA LANG KO”, OR “GIKAPOI NAKO”. Hindi ko kayang magbitaw ng mga ganitong salita sa buong buhay ko. Tanging sarili ko lamang ang makakatalo sa’kin kung magkaganon man sa oras na susuko na ako. Syempre, hinding-hindi ako susuko para sa ‘king mga pinapangarap. Sa buhay, pinapahalagahan ko ang meron ako ngayon… at pinapahalagahan ko rin ang mga ninanais ko sa hinaharap. ‘Di mawawala jan ang sariling bahay, lupa, swimming pool, negosyo, sasakyan, masaya at maginhawang pamumuhay. Naniniwala akong ang edukasyon ang solusyon sa kahirapan. Para na rin sa kinabukasan ng pamilya ko sa hinaharap, gusto ko silang makatikim ng masaganang buhay. Para sa’king mga magulang at kapatid, umaasa sila na ako’y makakapagtapos para makatulong na rin sa paghahanap buhay nang sa ganon ay ako ang magpapa-aral ng kapatid ko.

Malaking tulong ang pananalig sa Diyos at pagtitiwala sa sarili. Samut saring mga negatibo ang pinuno ko sa’king isipan noon nang ako’y naghihintay pa lamang ng resulta sa ‘king pag shift sa kursong gustong-gusto ko. Sabi ko noon nang nagfifill-up pa lang ako ng form before ako nagtake ng UPCAT, “ay, bahala sa Iloilo basta’t ang kursong gusto ko ang makukuha ko.” Kaya linagay kong first choice campus:UP VISAYAS, a.Chemical Engineering b. Accountancy. 

Kaya lang, ‘di ako pinalad na makapasok niisa samga pinili ko. Kahit nakapasa ako sa UPCAT, “DPWAS” naman ang resulta ng kurso ko o Degree Program With Available Slots. WEW. grave. Ang saya-saya ko talaga nun nung nalaman kong nakapasa ako. ‘Yun nga lang ang problema… 😦 is.. Kailangan ko pa palang mag susummer bridge sa Math nun kasi mababa ang kuha ko sa math. Kaya mas naging maaga ang pag punta ko sa Miagao, Iloilo. Ahay… hanggang natapos ang Summer Bridge Program sa Math, dun nalang ako sa dorm naghintay hanggang pasukan. Naghanap ako sa Registrar kung mayroon pa bang slot na available. Linagay naman nila ako sa BS in Fisheries. 

Naging okay lang naman ang 1st sem ko sa Fish, masaya naman at ‘dun ako sumuko sa pangarap kong maging isang Chemical Engineer. OH DIBA? *.*

Sa pagsisimula ng 2nd sem, parang may sumanib na spirito ng pag-asa sa’kin. Nang maging CS ako o College Scholar sa first sem, parang, may kung anong aura ang namuo sa ‘king damdamin na mag shift sa kursong gusto ko, at ito ang mga samut saring kadahilanan:

1. Ayokong tumanda na magsisi dahil hindi ko kinuha ang pagkakataong makapasok sa gusto kong kurso.

2. Ayokong ibalewala ang gusto ng sarili ko.

3. Gusto kong magtayo ng Winery sa Surigao.

4. Gusto kong maging isang Engineer.

5. Gusto kong magpa inspire sa kapwa kong kabataan na matutuong maghintay sa pinapangarap.

6. Gusto kong gawin ang mga gusto ko habang may panahon pa.

7. Gusto kong magpakatotoo sa sarili ko.

Ito, ang mga simpleng sagot kung bakit ako nag SHIFT. Alam kong, sa mga Fish Friends ko, sila’y nalulungkot, at naging happy for me dahil sa nakamit ko na sa wakas ang matagal kong pinapangarap. Hindi maipagpapalit ang tuwang nagmumula sa’king damdamin. Naway gabayan ako ng Diyos sa mga LONG EXAMS na aking susuungin. Alam ko sa sarili ko na sa bandang huli, ang lahat ng pinaghirapan ay mamumunga ng mabuti at kailangan lamang ng tyaga sa bawat panahong igugugol ko sa pag-aaral.