“Moving On”, better say Moving Forward

Let me begin with this quote from a friend: “For one to grow, you must learn or master the art of letting go…”

Simply saying that, (*sigh) : Letting go is part of loving.

Almost, or did we just come to realize when it’s finally over? Right…? Thinking that it would ease the pain if you could just forget everything in one second, it’s a BIG NO. It hurts for awhile, then relaxes you when you forget it for the meantime but when memories will struck you, there you go again, feeling broken deep inside.

It’s hard. 

We tend to deviate the spot light of our life to set that as “letting go” just as that easy. Moreover, we ask for pieces of advice from people whom we trust- friends, family and even neighbors or ex- lovers. The bottom line is, “How to move on ?”

The real question should be, “Why move on?”. It is such a broad way to discuss anymore if one would ask the steps to move on. But in order to not complicate things, let us just give concrete reasons for that matter.

Well, first, it is better to say “Moving Forward” than to “Move on”. Because when we say moving on, it’s like you’re just staying still without any desires for that state of motion to direct you to a path of happiness and acceptance. “Moving Forward”– it means, one learns to walk it through life, becoming wiser and knows what to do next.

It doesn’t matter how long, but one thing must be clear,- Change is constant. Worldly love could change. But God’s love is eternity.

Through Him and with Him, Moving Forward would not just keeping you on track but also, making you a better version of yourself than before. That’s a good example of change at all.

Letting go, is part of life.

Suffering, is part of life.

Being lost for awhile, is part of life.

So therefore, one must find the light to move forward.

God’s love is the light. Have faith on Him. And most importantly, lay all your sorrows to Him. He has the perfect plan and will never go wrong. 🙂

Better to start thinking about it. Maybe it’s hard to accept that the person who used to love us couldn’t love us back anymore. But never ever doubt God’s love. 🙂

“Let it go”– it’s a part of life. But “Why?”

Not because, you stop loving someone. But it’s about you, yourself that you should think of first. Take the opportunity to love yourself, to love God, to love the ones you called “Family and Friends.”

Because life is short. Cherish time. Never lose hope on the magic of love.

A self-reminder, “Never give up on love. Someone is kneeling before God and praying for you. Keep believing in it. Never distance yourself from its magic. Allow your heart to feel it again; to celebrate again. You are looking at the same sky and like you, God is preparing him for your meeting. The dreams you once dreamed will all come to pass, probably not with the person you dreamed it with, but it’s definitely the man that God created exclusively for you. And trust me, he, himself, will be the definition of love to you. ”

Thanks to my old friend who inspired me this night to work on this blog. You know who you are. 🙂