I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.

Are you really in harmonic relationship with what so called freedom? If yes, so you’re saying you deliberately command your own self in liberal ways. But are you sure?

The nature of a man comes fourth with an idealistic meaning of his own views in terms of his capability in sufficing his needs. What the mind thinks, so does the act of it goes after. Basically, there are two major voices that we could hear when we are having troubles simply because, our pleasure mind vs. consciences are on a fight with each other. So much for that, you can’t really say that you are a free individual when you can’t reach the point where you have driven all your wants into needs or all your temptations into preservation of yourself. the point is that, WE, ARE SLAVES OF OUR OWN APPETITE. That is to say that we are in fight with our appetitive part of our souls. 


According to Plato’s Republic, there are three composition of the soul. First is the Reason, who rules with wisdom and forethought on behalf of the entire soul. Second is the Spirit, who acts as the subordinate and at the same time an ally of reason. It is in command of the third composition of the soul which is the Appetite. The Appetite is by nature covetous and wicked. With all these knowledge on Plato’s ideal state of individual justice, we can now have the idea on which ourselves have our own appetitive side that is to say that our spirit is weak and our reason is betrayed by our own selves.

However, to say that “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul,” simply states that “Be a master of your self.” Its significant goal is to be not a slave upon the appetitive part of our own human soul. In order to have the best of what we could become, be the master of our own lives-simply because we have a goal to achieve, we have the power to achieve our goals, we have the decision to overcome our weaknesses and thus these can be the source of our strengths to reach the destination of our dreams. Because no one can ever set you free, only you, yourself can do that for yourself. Be a master, not a slave.

I Am Alive

All my life I’ve been so strong

I’ve been afraid to go wrong

In every life’s situation,

I find a way for solution


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been weak,

Realizing I was a freak.

In times of problems

I started to be solemn,


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been proud,

Shouting it so loud,

Never noticed how I boast,

I felt nothing but deep toast.


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been inlove,

To a girl and to the one Above,

It feels like forever

And endless together


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been walking,

But in spite of having nothing

I’ve strived to live life to the fullest,

My journey I believed is the best,


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been sorry,

I admit, my visions were blurry

I am not a perfect man as told

I commit mistakes so bold.


To feel that I am alive!


All my life I’ve been thankful,

For the blessings so wonderful..

To everyone who was there for me..

Who made me happy as can be,


To feel that I am alive!

The Journey of My Life

Palapit na nang palapit na matapos ang bakasyon ko. AGOSTO 6, 2014, maglalayag na naman kami ni Sean, para sa panibagong pagharap sa buhay. Isang panibagong hakbang para sa ‘king kinabukasan. Naway gabayan ako ng Panginoon para mapanindigan ko ‘tong pinili kong daan sa pagtahak ng aking mga pangarap. Chemical Engineering…. mapag-aaralan na rin kita sa wakas. Help me Lord, to continue my journey with strength and faith to believe in myself in times of difficulties. I’d rather be lost without You. To my family here in Surigao City, thankyou for the love and happiness we’ve shared. Woh! UP Visayas, here I come.