A Self-Reminder

Dear Beautiful Me,

You know very well that there is nothing to be anxious about.  You are serving the Author of time, and what you think is too late for you is just His perfect timing of working out His plans.

I am glad and proud of the woman you’ve become.  Looking back, I didn’t know you would be as strong as you are now and I smile every time I look at you.  I know the journey has not been easy. You’ve had your fair share of the bumpy and winding roads but dear Joy, you’re hanging on and for every narrow way, you always come out victorious, glory to the God who sustains you.

You are beautiful, don’t you ever forget that.  The standards of the world can be deceiving, but I know that you know how beautiful and wonderful God made you.  You are a princess, the daughter of the Most High and when earthly things begin to take toll on you, I know that you will always overcome.

Protect your heart; guard your thoughts. I understand it isn’t easy but everything starts with the mind. I pray that you will never be misled by emotions. Do not rush my dearest for love knows its own time. Do not work things out on your own for you very well know where it will lead you. Wait patiently. It will come.

Never get tired of being good. No matter how unfair the world may seem, you’ve got to make a decision every single day to be the child that God created you to be: long-suffering.  Keep that love; keep that heart because at the end of it all, it’s always between you and your Master. Do not let the pains of the past rob the goodness in you but let it keep you going.

Keep exploring. Let the world surprise you with its grandeur. Stay curious.  Keep learning. Be brave enough to take challenges.  Savor life for you were made to explore and see how beautiful the earth your Father has created for you is. Study. Travel. Go and make the world your own!

Cherish time.  You know that no one has yet invented a machine that will transport you back to yesterday.  Live each day as if it’s your last.  Love fully and let each day be an expression of your appreciation of life.  Stay connected.  Reconnect if you must.  The people you value need to feel valued.  The people you love need to feel loved. Don’t hold yourself back. Express.  Make your presence felt. You are not getting any younger and every moment wasted is forever wasted. Don’t rely on “making up” because you can never really make up for the lost times. Each day will always be a new day.

Time is precious.  It’s a scarce resource.  Use it wisely.  Spend it right.

Keep dreaming.  Keep hoping.  God placed in you a dream and He has equipped you to make it happen. Don’t give up when circumstances would say otherwise.  Keep on.  Keep fighting.  You’re getting there and each day would remind you that you are a day closer to the answers.

Never give up on love.  Someone is kneeling before God and praying for you.  Keep believing in it.  Never distance yourself from its magic.  Allow your heart to feel it again; to celebrate it again.  You are looking at the same sky and like you, God is preparing him for your meeting.  The dreams you once dreamed will all come to pass, probably not with the person you dreamed it with, but it’s definitely with the man that God created exclusively for you.  And trust me, he, himself will be the definition of love to you.

Keep writing.  This is you.  This makes you YOU.  Let your mind free itself from everything and let it explore the world of words.  Then write.  Bring life to it.  Inspire the world.  You are a writer but more than that, you are God’s pen. Write your story the right way!

Lastly, keep the faith.  Never lose it.  Keep the fire burning and know that God will always see you through.  When trusting becomes so hard, remember that He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Fight the good fight of faith.  Take part in the kingdom.  Be a testimony of God’s power and love.  Four years ago, you were telling the world through this same Young Blood page how torn you were between your dreams and your convictions.  Look at you now, God finally reconciled the two.  You’re now on track, doing the things you love most.

My dearest Me, I want you to always remember that you are good the way you are.  The angels rejoice with you.  The heavens celebrate your uniqueness, your being you.  And even when troubles come, I know we’ll always make it.  We’re more than conquerors, aren’t we?  Whatever life brings us, we choose to live a life that is for Christ.  You are beautiful, more than you’ve ever known.  You are blessed, more than you can ever imagine.  And yes, you are what your name says about you.  Joy.   You are a perfect masterpiece created by the Maker of heaven and earth.  You are a sight to behold.

And don’t forget we’re partners, okay?  We’re in this together: mind and heart united, until we hear our Master say, “well done my good and faithful servant.”

Until next time beautiful Joy.

By: Florence Joy L. Maluyo

This is one of my favorite essays ever published. My nickname’s Joy and feels like I am talking to myself. I just wanna publish it on my blog because I can relate to this whenever I feel down about something. Right now, I just feel like I wanna share this to you. It’s my roommate, Zsareena who introduced me to this wonderful essay. I am really thankful to the writer, Florence Joy L. Maluyo for creating a life-changing meaningful craft that brings hope to every hearts. ❤

the wait is over.

I once remember the way you smile at me. When the sun was up shining and burst out its heated light upon me. I wonder what makes me so excited yet so nervous of that certain moment. I have found one thing that could never be compared with such intense glow– YOUR SMILE.

Every single day I have imagined of not getting up early in bed just to go home and be apart from you. What is on my mind is a hot choco with pancakes and extra sweet morning wake up call from you–YOUR KISSES.

So much of it that I ended up wondering how’s this life may go but what I know for sure is a bright future with you whom I have loved so much, whom I love dearly, whom I will love for eternity. As you surround me with your warm atmosphere and holding me close to you like you will never let me go, let me be inside–YOUR ARMS.

I have never felt so conscious like before. Have I got my lipstick already? Or have I brush my teeth or comb my hair yet? What else to wear? I cannot decide that easily because of your delicate looks that makes me uneasy-YOUR EYES.

Days come and years go, but this I know for sure… That you’re the one that I’ve been waiting for.

And I can finally say, the wait is over. 😘

To the sun I suppose to miss during summer

Dearest Star, I would like to express my sincere condolences to what I have to do. This would be a melodramatic narrative for which I know that in the first place, all I could do is to sit on my chair and do my routines. I hate to say that I will be missing you my darling. So much of confusion had come along my way since I first thought about you. The white sand beach, the warm breeze and the delight of having to experience something for free is really out of my reach. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. You’re so tempting and that magic you have given me overwhelms my feelings as I try to imagine to embrace you from deep within me. I have always been fascinated about the sunny light above my head and that temperament that wraps around my back as I try to seek for cold refreshments. I seek of your love and of your effects that leave me breathless. I am writing this to you because I want you to know that I will always love your glow. I would always be admired how you shine up in the sky so bright that even Winter snow bows to you. I would always keep on loving you despite this situation I am having. The choice that I made because of something valuable that keeps me away from you. Now this fear is what I have to turn into strength. This strength that I will turn into a notion that dreams are made for people like me to hope and wait and see. To be better, and brave enough to accept defeat. To be able to withstand failure and whatever life might offer to me, I will always come victorious. Because I do believe on the Creator’s plan for my life. I just have to trust the maker of you as a star that someday, a  beautiful  meet up will due as I have that chance again to see you.

I will publish this soon as I build my dreams and make it to reality. I wanted to see you so much but please understand that this might be not the right time for me to be able to hold you, all I want you to remember is that… One day will come that I will be able to love you dearly. And sing with all my heart for the moment that I look forward. Lord, please help us.

To the sun that I missed during summer, I will always be waiting for the day to come that you and I can be together.

April 28, 2017




Dear Writer,

You have always been the Pen yourself. You wouldn’t mind what else to write as long as you have it on your mind. You have dodged the stressful ideals of the world that might turn your papers blown away. The aspirations and bottled feelings that brought you here made you the real you as what you have wished to become-a “Writer” of your own version. You never liked the idea of throwing such words and just echoing around a corner but instead, you liked the thought of flying and seeing what’s there to listen, what else to learn and to breath in life. You never told yourself to be going just around the bush but sing instead, and write the most of the lyrics out loud. You’re a writer of your own style. A God’s pen who never wanted to change because the world wants you to. You’re the type of a writer who remembers every color of the sky, every smile of the stars and the sound of the rain. You are you. And always be the writer that you always dreamed of. No matter how changes could drive you crazy, just guard your heart and mind because these two work as one to remind you how wonderful it is to live. So guide your heart and use your mind well while holding your pen as you go on to this journey worth a thousand words to describe of. Dear writer, all along your biggest adventure, never ever forget your wildest dream because in the first place, you simply exist to make it come true. You as a writer, has a purpose. A purpose to shine like the sun, a purpose to bloom like flowers, and a purpose to live like a human. Yes. You need to understand that you are just an ordinary person. As a writer, you must live by holding the pen right despite of sorrows, disappointments and frustrations that life might give. It may be not as perfect as we imagine it to be but a writer must keep in mind that too soon, negativities shall pass. There’s always a rainbow after a rain. You’re stronger to accept things that you cannot control because that’s life. Sometimes, shit happens. Whatever it is that you expect, always hold on to the thought that everything has a reason. The best things are yet to come so buckle up and make the most out of it. You are a writer of your own. The way you think is beautiful. Forever cherish the wonders of nature and be with it. Live as if you have nothing to lose. Dream like you’ll gonna make it. And believe that tomorrow is smiling and be hopeful for the future is just in your hands. You are a writer. Never understimate the power of your pen. With love and passion, everything else makes sense.

Domingo mágico

30th of October 2 pm, Miag-ao Church, Iloilo

“I wonder how this tour may go, but all I want is to see how your smile matches with your eyes as I share to you my world…”

Never felt excited like this before. Been ready for this day since noon and I really was looking forward to meet YOU. Dearest YOU, a week before, I never knew you’d be this so close to me, so gentle and so genuine. *Sigh. Every time I look at you, reminds me of butterflies flying, with birds chirping and flowers blooming. It sounds so poetic. Ikr? 😛 Pardon me if I have to protect this marvel, YOU, the every part of YOU I want to unravel.

First Stop: Lover’s Lane


Wrapped by the dazzling feeling inside,

By just enjoying the ride.

Walking ’til the end of line,

Amazed by how your eyes could shine.



Second Stop: The UPV Oblation and SOTECH


Full of gratitude for your time,

Just to come and share your rhyme.

The magical vibes from you,

Giving my world so full of hue.


Third Stop: UPV Diwata ng Dagat

If I ever found myself lost in the middle of the sea,

I know you’ll sail the world just to find me.

If I ever forget the things that really mean to me,

I know you’ll be the one to remind me.


Fourth Stop: UPV CAS PARK and CFOS

Every time we walk while having non-stop talks,

Your true loving personality slowly unlocks.

My heart flutters in the clouds aiming for the moon,

A dream of reality, out of my cocoon I bloom.


Fifth Stop: Cafe Diem

A cake in the cup or a smore in the core,

Beyond my poetry, your sweetness I adore.

Those fragile hands, and the pin I keep,

Will always reminds me of you with me.

Sixth Stop: Miag-ao Church

I won’t last a day without a prayer,

Loving the tour and all its layer.

I have never imagined a life without God,

Thinking that all of these has been planned.


Seventh Stop: Miag-ao Beach

Just like how the stars can shine at night,

Feelings started to spark and ignite.

That moment so magical like heaven’s pure bliss,

How can destiny be so wrong at this?


Eighth Stop: Miag-ao Plaza

For me I ever wanted is to make you smile,

Mission accomplished oh yeah! that’s my style.

The security and trust beyond compare,

Your feelings I keep is true and rare.


Thank you for making my Sunday so special. ❤

Puting Rosas

Sa bawat paglakad ay damang dama ang labis na pagkasabik ng puso. Hindi maintindihan ang nadarama sa unang sulyap ng iyong mga mata. Tila bukambibig ang lahat ng matatamis na bagay sa mundo. Ang sarili ay ‘di maalintana sapagkat tumatangis ang bawat silakbol ng damdamin at ika’y niyakap sa unang pagkakataon… Oo, sa kauna-unahang pagkakataong nakita ka, sa wakas.

Kasing bilis rin ng dyip ang pag-apaw ng kasiyahang hatid ng bawat pag-ngiti. Hindi pansin ang paligid pagkat ang iyong paggalaw lamang ang tanging sinisilip. Sulyap ng mata’y hindi maiwas, karugtong ng pag-ambit ng bawat tinaga mula sa iyong malalim na pagbigkas na tila’y musika sa ‘king pandinig.

Mga kwentong marathon na hindi mahahalili sa mga nababasa sa telebisyon. Kahit maghapon na magkasama’y tuloy pa rin ang pagkilala sa isa’t isa na ‘di ko mawari na ganito pala… Ganito pala kaysarap titigan ang iyong mga mata, pakinggan ang iyong mga tinaga, ang hawakan ang iyong mga kamay, ang sumandal sa iyong balikat habang pinapakinggan ang musikang tayo lamang ang nakakarinig. Ganito pala kaysarap mahulog sa iyo, oh, giliw ko.

Di ko namalayan ang oras ng bawat pag patak ng segundo sa bawat pagtama ng ating mga mata ay tila natatamaan ang puso. Hahayaan nalang ang damdamin na tila langit ang nadarama tulad ng pagsikat ng araw sa silangan hanggang sa paglubog nito sa kanluran. Walang katapusang saloobin kung bakit ako nagkakaganito. Sa kung ano ang meron sa wala at kung ano ang wala sa meron. Pagkat ‘di ko mapagtanto kung bakit tila ang pagtawa mo ang pinapapangarap ko.

Ang mga butuin sa kalangitan ay walang katulad sa kislap ng iyong mga mata. Ang pagdampi ng lamig ng hangin sa aking balat ay ‘di alintana pagkat ang presensya mo ay nangingibabaw. Isinawasiwas lamang ang pagka hiya ‘pagkat hangad lamang ay ang makilala ka. Hindi pansin ang mga taong nasa paligid dahil sa patuloy kong pinagmamasdan ang bawat anggulo mo na babaunin ko sa pag-alis. Sa pag-alis kong baon ang iyong mga ngiti at tawa, baon ang kwento mong salamin ng iyong buhay, baon ang mga alaalang parte ako ng buhay mo sa oras na ito.. mula sa ‘ting pagkikita hanggang sa aking pagsakay.

Sa pagduyan ay laman ng isipan ang pangakong hintayan. Sa dapit hapon ng ating pag liway, tugma ang bawat ritmo na sumasang-ayon sa labis na tiwala na ‘di malilimutan kailanpaman. Hindi linggid sa ‘king kaalaman na ganito pala kasaya ang isiping hindi ako nag-iisa sa pagtungo sa kinabukasan. Sa tuwina ay napapaindak sa saya, dama ang kaba, at lahat ng pwedeng madama sa hatid nitong hamon sa buhay ko. ‘Di mapigil ang mabilis na pagtibok ng puso, tanong ko tuloy, ito na ba ang para sa akin?

Pilit na pinapakalma ang sarili sa kasiyahang parang sumasabog ang lahat ng nasa loob ko. Kasabay ng pag-agos ng dugo sa aking mga ugat ay ang paggulo ng sistema na ‘di ko lubos maintindihan. Ngunit kabigha-bighani ang kapayapaang natagpuan sa balikat mo nang sa pagsandal ko’y dama ang bawat sandali nito.

Walang pakundangan ang kulitan na sa’yo lamang iaalay. Pangako ay mananaig, magunaw man ang daigdig. Pero alam kong daig ka pa saken kung kiligin, awh ah. Hahahaha! Tila wala na ‘tong katapusan, tadhana na ang may sadya tulad ng kalawakang walang hanggan. Sa daraang araw, oras, at sandali,  dagdag sa mithiin ko sa buhay, ay aalayan ka ng pang-habangbuhay- wagas at tapat na suyuan hanggang sa huli oh, giliw ko.

October 29, 2016



Come what may

I looked at the stars yet I saw darkness. I was thinking that whichever corner my eyes drew into, there will always be that longing for sparks. Just a little forward? backward? side ward? How much farther can I go for distant lights? How many years does it take to say that “life has finally happened to me!”


Wishing for the right time, patience has its way to offer for the best. In midst of difficulties, one must soar high to collect stars, not by gazing but to reach for them. To jump high, no, but to jump higher and believe that we are the stars of our own selves.


Failures make us stronger and independent. I am one of the billion people in the world who has gone countless depression and frustrations in life. And I say sorry for myself, for the things I have done and for the things I have failed to accomplish. I don’t want to rant each part of it but in general, to aim for the best shot is not that easy. Bumpy roads and a never ending ups and downs do come in my way but I know God has come to save the day. I admit, I once told myself to just give up because it is the easier than to keep up the struggles going. But the Lord is keeping on pursuing me to stay still and focus on forward. I have tried to step down that road of sorrows just to consider my tiredness. But, soon I realized, I can never escape that road. The longer I remain sitting down on that corner, is the longer it would make me to see the best days of my life. I know right now, it may seem like I have not yet done my best-est yet, but I also know for sure that every single day is closer to improvement as long as I keep going and go for the extra mile. My dreams are still inside of me. Keeping the fire burning and a never ending adventure awaits. Come what may.