“Do not impose upon others what you yourself do not want”

We are basically thinking of “what ifs”. That is the thing nowadays. What if I do this to him, would he do it for me too? What if she won’t appreciate what I’m about to do? Would they do me a favor in return? To expect goodness by doing well to others becomes the world’s norm. Achieving a win-win thing is what matters mostly nowadays. But how about if someone does bad to you, would you do them the same thing?

Reciprocating the good with a good and a bad with a bad is a natural cycle that leads to the different situations and dramas in this life. We tend to forget the first values we have learned when we get hurt by others and from that experience, we would end up thinking about revenge. Having self-thoughts with myself, I do believe in karma through this saying. The principle is being intertwined with bad deeds towards others and as time goes on, the karma comes back unto that person in time. My roommate, ChimaiQuicoy, told me that for her, this is her principle in life as well as the “golden rule” considered by most people.According to her, this saying makes us realize that if you do not want others do that kind of thing to you, then just do what you think is right so that the favor will be returned as a good one.

Becoming cautious on having expectations is a must to not be disappointed on its outcome. As long as we do the things with good intentions, the possibility of having difficulties with people in the long run will be lessened if not avoided. In fact, I have chosen this saying from Confucius because this teaches me to be a better person. My views upon the world is related on the exact thought about it where someday, I wanna look back and would like to tell myself that “My life is not perfectyet I havetried to live it right.”

Confucius Lessons, Lit2