I wonder

​Because sometimes, I wonder…

 if the stars are also trying to reach us too.

 if the moon can still shine without lovers.

 if the sun is not yet tired of brightening up our day.

 if the clouds are as sweet as candies when eaten.

 if the sky could finally meet the sea.

 if the rain ever jealous of the rainbow.

 if the birds wish to sing a lyric.

 if the butterflies ever picked a flower.

 if the fishes ever wondered why they swim all day and night

if the bears ever wanted to get a hug too

 if somewhere in the universe wonders about us as aliens,

 if the owl ever watches over her hatchlings on morning

if the doors ever wished to knock on a person

 if the light ever mourns for the absence of the dark

 if the sea ever thought about of reaching the sky

if the rainbow ever enjoyed to be seen

  if I ever come to realize that it’s best to not realize.

 if I ever choose not to find reasons to reasons,

would that be enough to start something much better?