Isang Open Letter para kay Tadhana

Makikisulat Lang Po.

Tadhana, kumusta? Isa akong masugid mong tagahanga. As in sobrang fan mo ako. Lagi kong sinusubaybayan ang mga istorya tungkol sa’yo. Lalo na kapag kinukwento ka na ng ibang tao. Sobrang saya nila pakinggan. Gustung-gusto ko rin yung mga pelikulang ikaw ang bida. Yung mga tipong Sleepless in Seattle, Serendipity, You’ve Got Mail, mga ganun. Ang galing mo dun. Sobrang galing mo dun.

Hindi ko alam kung kilala mo ako. Pero para lang matandaan mo, ako yung ilang ulit mo nang pinaglaruan. Oo, “pinaglaruan“ ang gagamitin kong termino at hindi “napaglaruan” kasi feeling ko sinasadya mo na. Kasi nung natuto akong umibig dun na din ako natutong magmura. Kasi sa tuwing ibubuhos ko ang puso ko sa isang tao, bigla-bigla na lang palilikuin mo siya. Palilikuin mo sa daang hindi patungo sakin. Doon sa halik at yakap ng iba.

Pero hindi ako sumuko. Patuloy pa rin akong nagmahal. Yung iba…

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What inspires you…

“Not everyone in our lives will always truly understand our visions and purpose. Some may think they do but will unintentionally put us away or will try to speak different dreams and goals into our lives.”

Dream Wish Inspire

To dream takes courage, to inspire requires action…

Our life’s journey begins with our spirit. Our spirit first has to be empowered and given life to by Gods redeeming Spirit. As humans we all have experienced the sense of receiving energy and ideas from an outside source. A source that runs through us yet is not controlled by us.

John Ortberg in his book ‘The me I want to be’ describes being in-spired as “a Spirit-word that literally means something has been breathed into us…when your spirit flourishes, you are most fully alive. You have purpose for living. You are drawn to put on virtue and put off sin.”

So how do we become inspired? How do we live our days being in-spirit with God? With his amazing plans for our lives?

Firstly, I believe we need to allow ourselves to dream…to dream for the unexpected and to dream big…

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Every word, every look, everything unintentional and meaningless fanned the flames.
Wasn’t love supposed to be a brilliant consuming?
If then, is this not love?

Keyboard Crasher

Unabridged“How could we have stood there so close together with our hearts so far apart?

I felt the strain in my chest, but I knew not what to do about it.

I let the feeling engulf me and I studied it.

Was that what a broken heart felt like?

But isn’t breaking a sudden crash into a million tiny pieces?

A sudden piercing pain?

But that was not it.

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Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
1 John 4:7-8 NIV

Keyboard Crasher

“When?” She asked one night. “When will it be my turn to fall in love?”
“Anytime. Even now.” He whispered, but she didn’t hear.
Another night, she watched as others walked in twos as she trailed along crowds not knowing he always matched his steps with hers.

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