God’s Perfect Timing

In this life, we cannot always do great things, but we can do small things with great love.

January 8, 2016 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!

I didn’t sleep well last night and I blamed Coffee for that. o.o

Good morning. Hoping to have the appetite to pack my things for my travel this night. woh! I still don’t want to face UP. I wanna extend my vacation, If only I can adjust the time and make it go back 3 weeks ago.

Whatever. I gotta move forward. Moving on to the 2nd chapter of my 2nd year life as a ChE student. T_T Hoping I can cope up with everything after I’m about to leave my comfort zone. It’s always a challenge for me because I am a family person but part of me is adventurous and thrilled by knowledge I am going to learn in college. Because I have a dream. .. I have a dream. It’s not just a career I wanna achieve but because I am happy to do it. And this, is my greatest motivation in life. To be happy in what I do and to make the people I love happy too. 🙂 Oh, there it rhymes.

Stop the drama. Having fun while studying in college is a good way to enjoy life. I don’t want to stress out myself in academics. I intend to balance it with my social life,  my relationship with my family, and most especially to the spiritual aspect of me.

Go with the flow. Study hard. Play hard. Rock hard. Life is too short to be worried by the things meant to happen. Whenever I fail at things, I always make it a point to meditate and to focus on what really matters the most- my relationship with God. with Jesus. It’s something that I cannot compare with earthly things. So whatever might happen this semester, I submit everything to God as I call upon to Him-my needs, my aspirations, my dreams and even my frustrations and pain. I’ll forever remember that He is leading me to the path that can make me a better person. a better daughter.

I admit. I fall. I rise. I commit mistakes. And I believe that I am confidently beautiful with a heart. (chos!) LOL haha

So if things won’t go in my way, I’ll be relying on God’s purpose in my life. I’ll just do my best and God will do the rest. The best is yet to come. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤ Here I come UPV Miagao!

AJ,Signing off 😀 😛 ❤ 🙂

Day 21st

PS nevermind all of this if you wish to read what is written below. This is just a random thought. HAHAH!

Celebrating Christmas and New year are the best holidays of my life since I can spend time with my family. Today, I am having a very good time listening some old music played by mom in the stereo,tss and I feel like I’m living in year 1960’s. 😛 Oh well, yes I would rather feel this very pleasant ambiance at home than go out. It is really a sunny afternoon and I don’t want my skin be touched by harmful rays from the sun. (hala, taray! hahah ) This morning, I took my breakfast with hot cup of coffee with my dad. I assume it’s a special kind of meal since it’s my favorite food placed on the table. And I am so sure that I had put a small amount of rice on my plate, didn’t I? (urshh) did I just told myself that I’ll have my healthy diet 3 weeks ago? *facepalm. What a shame. I admit, I gain weight, 1.5 kilos to be exact. So what? I  still have good reward for myself, I gained .. yes I gained bloody fats. T_T Can I just cry? no way. haha It’s not an easy way out to have your mind be disciplined by the thought of controlling what you eat since my mom is a good cook. How can I be hesitant on what goodies it might taste on my toungue. YUM!. I’ll surely miss mom’s dessert, paksiw, ginisa, tinola, pinirito and many more! yahoo! Its hard to settle down on just bread and a small piece of cheese. Well, my heart is taken over my food and and rules are left behind me. If I could just bring my mom in Miagao to cook everyday for me. I think that would be great!

OHHHHH my ! it’s already 5 pm. gotta do some chores 🙂 til next time !