The Greatest Love story of all

🙂 Thank you Lord


Most of us has been really fascinated by greatest story shown on TV or cinema. Cinderella, snow white, and as for me who love k-drama, I’m was so hooked on the story of Boys over flower and winter sonata and so many drama,series and telenovela but I learned one story that I think the greatest story of them all. The story of Man and the Lord.

God created everything before he created Adan. Before he created the man, he created first all the thing he needed. Would you agree with me if I say it was awesome! Before we even exist, all the things we need was there already. But he didn’t end there, he knows that something was not good. In a paradise, no sin, and with everything, something was not good! Something was missing- Eve. (Behold ladies, the world is not complete without us. We are the finishing…

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