Heart Talks

Don’t ever think that my heart has someone new because my HEART already stopped searching by the day I SAW YOU.

The Little Tulip Flower

The tulip said–

It’s winter, dark and cold down here.

I’m put away, buried under a mountain

I’ll never bloom for your Glory

so what are you doing to me,


The Lord answered- I’ve placed you

exactly where it’s best for you.

I know

just how much you can hear and I’ll unfurl

your fragile petals for the world to see.

But for now, dear tulip,

trust and obey Me.

You are Loved.



up in the skies.

Memories never die.



never too late
a little too soon
a life at its end
but a soul still stands 

where death is destined
but very unforeseened
the journey ends
but a new chapter begins

to those we can’t see
we can feel
they walk with us
hot on our heels

their affection and love
never fades away
and their memory lives
in our hearts they stay.


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