To Whoever You Are That She Loved

The best


That first time you called her name
The butterflies in her stomach
Sang in decibels she couldn’t hear
But could feel.

Like as if the word Christina
Was born for the first time
And made her see colors
So new she’s sure it’s not a part of that spectrum
she drew in her art class back in the fourth grade

A cosmologist once said that people are all made up of stardust
And she liked thinking “maybe both of you were”..
Maybe both of you came from something that exploded billions of years ago,
but now found their lost parts.

That first time you called her name
Was the first time she felt the betrayal of gravity.
The blood in her veins
Glittered like the fireworks during new year’s eve, and reddened her face;
Her heart pounded with crazy frequencies
She was alive, and conscious, but floating.

You suddenly became…

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