These days…


Well, there is so much to say yet so little time to make it.

I can hardly breath as I write this down-my bottled feelings, my hidden desires, my deepest fears and all my weakness I left behind me.

All of it… Just all of it. I might just sat down and weep. But Oh Please…? I don’t have to waste much more time getting the punch through it.

Yes, I admit it, I held grief for someone. I can’t deny the fact that I’m one of the pretty martyr ladies that have been betrayed by someone they trusted. It’s an unfortunate event for me. I never imagined something like this before. I guess I have to carry the load on my heart for a longer time since when that punk slapped me the truth.

How I wish, I never got into serious relationship that easy. But it happened. I pity my old self. That’s why these days seems to achieve medication, through meditation. After I finally realized that its not worth it anymore, I’ve accepted that fact that its over. Once its over, Its Totally Over.

There is much more waiting for me at the end of the road. Something much bigger, much greater. I seemed to have doubts at first, but I know what I’m doing since I do know where I’m going to.

I’m trying to live it up by myself with the guidance of above. It is working out in some ways, my team partner Jesus I trust, I thank Him so much.

These days, I feel neutral- and I’d rather be called a school girl rather than a bourgeois.*sigh

I have so many things to do. So many things for me to keep busy and trying to realize my existence here on this planet. I have a goal. I have a dream. I must keep it up. The fire burning inside of me would like to walk this journey with curiosity, and hunger for knowledge and end up being satisfied in life with the most important people in my life- My Mama, Papa, Sis 🙂 This is all for you.Photo0833

I sat