University Week 2k15

Oh hello sunshine. Another day, another sunny bliss. 🙂

Feb 27, 2015

The sky is so bright, while birds are chirping and me, here sitting typing some words to put into this blog of mine. I want to admit, I miss doing this thing. Being a journalist, it’s never been an obligation for me to write anything I want. I love my hobby. It’s my life, my stressbank, my thoughts, my deepest emotions, and my soul. Well, I rarely post some journals here because I was too busy at school.

University Week here at UPV is just fine. I wish I have someone with me to join every events. Anyway, just yesterday, attended lecture series by the UP Scientists. They are all amazing. 🙂 woah. I am inspired by their work and contribution in the field of Science.

How I wish I could be awarded as UP Scientist someday too. 🙂 There are many thoughts of my mind right now, like, what to study? hmm.. I wanna explore scientific discoveries. Maybe, I could use them to formulate my problems. Then into hypotheses, then into experiment to test it, and write down conclusions. Well, it’s hard to achieve since, I’m still a student. Come what may, right?

Here on my room, it appears to be I’m not the only one. I have my roommate , Shera with me 🙂

I have to end this right now, 🙂

Laters baby ❤