11 thoughts on “I hate Love

  1. Sean Clark Luinor says:

    Are you sure it’s love? Perhaps, it’s false ‘love’. If you say that you hate love and tired of it, do you mean to say you hate and are tired of loving your parents and God?

    Your statement is logically fallacious, you consider something as permanent which in fact is only temporary. (I learned this in Comm 2.)

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    • yAH right. I was suppose to love love, but let me correct you, there’s no “False” love. Love is a concept and it has no truth value. according to the proposition of “concepts” in Philosophical Analysis, A concept cannot be either true or false. It can be said that it is “Sufficient/Insufficient” or most exact, “Ambiguous or Vague” Love is a Vague Term. That’s the correct one to describe it. G?


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