I love you, my Personal Savior. ❤

You are the Prince of Earth and of Heaven.

The Only Guy who loves me more than any other guy in the world.

You held my hand since I was born and never let it go.

You are the Guy who saved me by dying in the Cross.

You are in my heart, in my soul and in my mind.

You are the greatest gift of God on earth.

The Son of the Creator.

The Messiah.

The definition of True Love.

I love you Lord, My Majesty.

You are the One who sings me lullaby when I was still a kid.

There is none like You.

I want to praise You Forever.

You are my Life.

You are my strength.

You are my Greatest motivation in life.

You are my Joy.

Jesus, I will hold on to Your Promises.

Nothing compares to the Promise.

You’ll stay by my side NO MATTER WHAT.

I will bow down with my heart to worship Your name my Savior.

As a way of my gratitude, I proclaim You my Father, my Brother, my only God.

Jesus, I may not see you like the air I breath.

I may not hold Your hands.

We may not exchange smiles here on earth,

I know I made You smile :))

I know I’m not Alone.

I know I’m With YOUR guidance and love.

Let Your light shine on me.

There’s only YOU and ME.

Someday, when I am about to face you, I want to HUGGGGG YOUUU Tightly.

Thank you my Father Jesus Christ.

Our relationship lives and will always be.

As I write this Blog.

You are with me reading my blog even before I type it.

You are my ONE AMAZING God

I Praise YOU with the Holy Spirit, and the Father..

I want to be at home with You someday.

When the day comes, Your love will never ever be gone.

Eternal peace in Your kingdom.

Thy will be done on Earth.

I love you Lord Jesus Christ. ❤

I have faith in You..

Perfect Love..

Peaceful Heart..

Happy Family ❤