The Giving Tree

All the leaves of the giving tree have fallen.

I’ve got scars from a pocket knife.

If all you wanted was love..

Why did you use me up,

cut me down..

build a boat

and sail away.. 😦

All I wanted to be…

is to be your GIVING TREE..

settle down,

BUILD a home,

and make you happy.. 😦

😦 😦 😦 </3 </3

Studies First

As I start to realize that I have grown such strong attachment to someone than anybody else.

This time, I have driven all my emotions to an end so that I can ease the pain.

I held tears but I can’t.

I hid all the grudge but I can’t.

And it seems that I was the only one suffering to this type of teenage problem in which I never expected to have.

Somehow my childhood days were colorful, I wonder why I changed and became an “EMO” all the way of entering in my college years.

I have decided not to be drowned by tears while studying and so I have come up with an idea to stop something I have been doing for the past two years.

And that’s….


whom you thought that will love you more than you do.

whom you thought that will bring out the best in you.

whom you thought that will never leave you no matter what.

whom you thought that will be holding your hands forever.

whom you thought that will never make you cry.

whom you thought that will make a thousands laughs for you.

whom you thought that will see to it that you’re okay.

whom you thought that will text you and call you every night.

whom you thought that will handle your feelings carefully.

whom you thought that will not take you for granted.

whom you thought that will be there for you when you have problems.

whom you thought that will help you out.

whom you thought that will strengthen you.

whom you thought that will keep his promises of “4ever”

whom you thought that will never leave…


All this emotional expos of mine are just “pautwas”.

In the sense that I’ve tried my best for that particular person, but my best wasn’t good enough to make him stay in my life. Am I too cruel? too demanding? too OA? too ugly? too pretty? (oh, well)

Somewhat, I have come to the point where I felt hopelessness in life. From that moment, I realized that I made a mistake for giving myself wholeheartedly to a man who’s not worth my tears. Doing my best is maybe just a piece of shit for him.

What does it take to commit yourself to give time and effort for the one you love?

Is it that hard?

My heart was crushed by this person whom I thought is “THE ONE”.

Seems like I was wrong.

Even though I have been experiencing heartaches for the past 2 years since I met him, loved him, but I didn’t want to hold unto grudges towards him. I am a forgivable person and also, I don’t want to tear my heart apart by being mad always.

I may be single for now, but I know I am not alone with the presence of Jesus who is my Savior in my life. Moving on is easy if I will just have to trust on His words: “I am the way, the truth, and the life”, I believe that through Him and in Him, I will achieve “PEACE” in my heart.

In addition, I will just have to focus on what’s important in my life. Knowing my priorities is a must. I am a goal-oriented person who wants to be a Chemical Engineer someday. Of course, I always prayed and hoping to reach my dreams soon. I know I am one day closer to the answers just as the time flies.

I might lose my objectives if I will choose to be miserable all the time. Why not smile and let the world wonder why?

Right? 🙂

For now, I will trust for God’s perfect timing.

Love is not a fairy tale here on earth. I know my life is just temporary here on land but with JESUS CHRIST who lifted up my spirit, with my family who became my inspiration, with friends who supported me and with all the gifts/blessings of God that keeps me going, I am greatly motivated.

Studies first, my passion for studying will never end.

Let me end this article with this saying, “I may be bent but not broken, because if God brings you to it, He will brings you through it..”

God bless everyone. Love Love Love 🙂



The Making of Mega Sardines: From Catching to Canning


“The Mega Group of Companies is a fast-moving consumer goods company that manufactures one of the Philippines’ top sardines brands, Mega Sardines.”- this is according to their website page.

Mega Group has their own ship vessel. The operation starts by exploring the sea and looking for school of fish. This is using fish radar which serves as fish finder and side scanning sonar. The ship vessel uses the greenlight for the green color doesn’t spook the fishes. As the fish net is lowered making a circle around the school of fish, lots of jumping fishes are harvested from it. Catcher uses a new technology called “Fish Pump” that enables them to directly transfer the fishes from the vessel to a container. It would likely to extend the shelf life of fish. After that, the fish carrier departs from the fishing ground and deliver the fish directly to the canning plant where the journey of a long way process of this mega sardines canned product all began.

To separate the fish and the crushed ice the fish bin is tilted in an automatic machine. Then, the fishes will be submerged and soaked in a brine tank to remove scales. It now moves on a rotating fish water machine to further wash the fish. As the machine began to move, the conveyor is utilized for size sorting. The workers categorize the fishes according to sizes: small, medium or large sizes. The pre-sorted fish are then placed in a conveyor belt where a nabbing machine automatically cuts the fishes’ head and tail.

The cans are sterilized for about 85 degrees centigrade. After that, the workers then filled the cans with sardines for about 4 fishes inside it. The process goes on and it will then pass on exhaust box for pre-cooking at 85 degrees centigrade for about 12 minutes. This cans will move on magnetic decanter for removing of water/ moisture. Next, the cans would pass on the sauce filling tank where tomato sauce and pre-mixed ingredients are being poured into the cans. The process in sealing the cans have a maximum rate of 300 cans per minute per line. It would now proceed in a busie basket and pushed inside the retort for sterilization with a temperature of 117 degrees centigrade.

After sterilizing, the cans are moved into a cooling area for 120 minutes. The cooled cans are loaded onto another machine for ink jet printing of the batch production coding system. The cans would then pass on the labeler which functions for automatic labelling. As the process ends, the finished products are then packed in boxes with the use of automatic packing machine that has a maximum rate of 15 cases per minute. Finally, the box are sealed and stored in warehouses ready for shipping and delivery.



From the start of the process through its exploration across the sea, I am amazed by how the Mega Group of sardines used new techniques in their vessel namely the” fish pump”. The fish handling tool like this ensures the shelf-life of the fish in order for it to be protected by directly putting it in a carrier simultaneously.

I commend the safety measures inside the factory. With their suits, gloves, boots and all, they exhibit a well-grounded place for product control processing. I have seen a lot of equipped machines who functions quickly while having an assurance for the temperature control system. As the technological methods advances, it is much easier to conduct factorial preparation for food resources especially canned goods.

I have seen the organized handling methods by the factory workers by keeping and transporting live fish and use of ice to avoid spoilage to ensure freshness. Their fast growing fishing operation has further assured the quality of their products in each step of the process.

In a Fish Product Factory, the industrial standards for performance and innovation should be high, and must be reflected in its products and services for community health safety and advantages. Thus, this is a form of new modern techniques which we Filipinos are aiming for.

In the years to come, my expectations are high in the availability of fresh resources of fishes not just for the canned goods but also for other types of fish products. Canning is just one of the post-harvest techniques that is rampant here in our country. We should be proud of producing this kind of systematic environment for well-equipped fish processing grounds. This will also provide jobs for a lot of Filipinos.

-by: Almie BS in ChE, UPV


A Call for a Toasted Pork

It’s a big deal for the society to tackle on the political issues in the Philippines with wide variety of hot matters in which resulted to toilsome discussions within the public office. Most of the news in media is touched by the madness of this dispute called the Pork Barrel Scam. As controversies arisen, more and more oppositions from different sectors of the society are joining in for the eradication of Pork Barrel. This is a toast.

For the many people who have tried to seek for the “tuwid na daan” including me, I feel frustrated not for the failed promises but the facts I have learned about these issues. I attended a forum about Pork Barrel Abolition last September 22, 2014. My young mind is confused with these reactions: “Ha?”, “What?”, “Ito ba talaga ang katotohonan behind this pork barrel system?”,”Money from Power nalang ang peg ng gobyerno? At imbes na pag-serbisyohan ang masa, pera ng bayan ang inaabuso.”These are some of my first reactions regarding the matter. But actually, I cannot sue all the government officials.

Yes, it might appear to be a democratic way of apportioning government resources, but the sad fact is that some politicians are not handling well in office. So what will happen to the communities in need? How about the unfinished construction on roads, unsupported school funds, lack of houses and medical clinics, or feed orphans, grant scholarships, or distribute fertilizers for agricultural sectors which have inadequate portion from the funds of the government?

To be clear with what I am saying, I am in the side of eradicating Pork Barrel System. Why? Not because I have to or because majority is contradicting the system but for the reason that I am in need of “change”- a change where people in the government should do their task correctly.

Checking and balancing measures aren’t effective here. Legislators comprise Congress. I believe that they should focus on lawmaking, not executive functions. PNoy tried to create an alternative to PDAF through DAP, which the SC ruled as unconstitutional. Given its nature, it would have boosted government spending and theoretically would have led to infrastructures, for educational programs, for medical and health support and etc. It would have boosted the economy (barring misuse).  However, the issue behind PDAF was the misuse of public funds. Therefore, the Philippine political system is fraught with multilayered problems. PDAF is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am for abolition of pork barrel system so that the people’s money will go to where it is really needed and not to where a few powerful people want to. Well, to abolish something, one might dare to wonder “what after then?”  So, the alternative way is to establish the objectives of PDAF and put it directly under the budget of government departments.

Just last September 23, 2014, thousands of people rallied in the streets from the different parts of the country to address signature campaign for a people’s initiative to abolish the pork barrel system and other schemes in the national  budget that allots lump-sum appropriations for lawmakers. This is a one big step protest that would enable for us to work on against Pork Barrel. Under the Initiative and Referendum Act, the advocates of this petition in opposing the discretion in the government is possible for me. Approval of the People’s Initiative Petition could disable the presidential and congressional porks and thus for whoever misuse public funds will be imprisoned. I agree. Penalizing all corrupt government officials deserve to be in jails.

Anyway, there is a need for continuous campaign for the act abolishing Pork Barrel System. If 6 million signatures are achieved (assuming that COMELEC check the validity of signatures), I expect that people’s initiative against Pork Barrel will prohibit the use of “lump sum public funds” under the “sole discretion of the President, legislator or group of legislators, or any public officer.

In the sense that many sequence of anomalies in the Philippine government had occurred, it is not shocking anymore. As for me, it is natural to abolish Pork Barrel because it is an absolute shame of higher public officials rendering to this kind of misusing community funds. I can’t expect or believe too much that it will be a fast abolition since for me, justice in the Philippines is slow especially when the convicted are rich and powerful government officials. Thus, it will be extended again and again. This is a toast.


Hello Blog World.

I am Almie. A college student at the University of the Philippines Visayas (premier state university of the Philippines) and currently taking up BS in Chemical Engineering.

And in need of Scholarship…

Unfortunately, mining companies didn’t reply me back..

I just pray that God would help me to find a sponsor.

Thy will be done, OH Lord 🙂


I love you, my Personal Savior. ❤

You are the Prince of Earth and of Heaven.

The Only Guy who loves me more than any other guy in the world.

You held my hand since I was born and never let it go.

You are the Guy who saved me by dying in the Cross.

You are in my heart, in my soul and in my mind.

You are the greatest gift of God on earth.

The Son of the Creator.

The Messiah.

The definition of True Love.

I love you Lord, My Majesty.

You are the One who sings me lullaby when I was still a kid.

There is none like You.

I want to praise You Forever.

You are my Life.

You are my strength.

You are my Greatest motivation in life.

You are my Joy.

Jesus, I will hold on to Your Promises.

Nothing compares to the Promise.

You’ll stay by my side NO MATTER WHAT.

I will bow down with my heart to worship Your name my Savior.

As a way of my gratitude, I proclaim You my Father, my Brother, my only God.

Jesus, I may not see you like the air I breath.

I may not hold Your hands.

We may not exchange smiles here on earth,

I know I made You smile :))

I know I’m not Alone.

I know I’m With YOUR guidance and love.

Let Your light shine on me.

There’s only YOU and ME.

Someday, when I am about to face you, I want to HUGGGGG YOUUU Tightly.

Thank you my Father Jesus Christ.

Our relationship lives and will always be.

As I write this Blog.

You are with me reading my blog even before I type it.

You are my ONE AMAZING God

I Praise YOU with the Holy Spirit, and the Father..

I want to be at home with You someday.

When the day comes, Your love will never ever be gone.

Eternal peace in Your kingdom.

Thy will be done on Earth.

I love you Lord Jesus Christ. ❤

I have faith in You..

Perfect Love..

Peaceful Heart..

Happy Family ❤

City of God Vs. Heavenly City

Social Science 2

We have this in class discussion about St. Augustine. His greatest work on his book on “The City of God” influenced the world and that’s what makes him the GREATEST THEOLOGIAN OF ALL TIME.

Our Professor wanted us to know about the controversy between the CITY OF GOD and HEAVENLY CITY. For me, it’s hard to distinguish if they have similarities or differences. How can I separate my thoughts on what I know from the Bible and from the academic notions I have inside my mind. I am confused about the issue: (1) Is the City of God has similarities/differences with the Heavenly City? (2) If so, what’s the basis for it?

If you would like to share your thoughts about it, feel free to comment here. I will truly appreciate it. Thank you for dropping by. 🙂