Beautiful like a Rainbow

My heart beats like a bouncing ball. Finding its way out, fridges its deep innocence. Lies between my chest, melts the cold feelin’ inside. This soft touch behind my veins, I remember every words we said, “We will never say goodbye”, I can never felt so high like this, never ever felt like this before. Walking through the paradise, wanting to chase the suns golden rays, clutching the thin filthy fogs, grumping to lie down on a log. Promises falls, Promise land, Promise everywhere else. The doubt came by, and see how trust collides—broken vows, broken ships. As I opened my eyes, the thrilling waves upon my throat giggles my own versatile pondering. “Why would I still love if I know, that I will be hurt again?” then  I stopped and looked and listened to the chirping birds, the waving trees and felt the pain on my chest once again. Again, I found myself hearing the voices of the cracking noise inside my heart breaking apart like melting ice caps. Frozen vows, Frozen ships, see how delicate the crunching deep. Jade stones upon my feet, clings the bridges running waters. The rainbow shouts partying with grace. As I looked up and try to notice, how beautiful a rainbow is. Shines up in the sky, after a heavy droplets of rain. Forging down the vast oceans and lands, soaring like a moaning monster and as it stops, a rainbow appears creating no fear but as I notice it, a sad face written on it unnoticed- opposite to smile run down its chamber yet colourful bliss is seen. How beauty covers the brimming sadness. Then I looked up and said to myself, “I want to be a rainbow, beautiful like a rainbow. . .”